Exhibition  -  Publication  -  Accolade

2023 Feb., Second Saturday Artists Gallery Sunriver, Oregon

2022 Nov., Central Oregon Maker's Faire, Redmond
2022 Aug., Burning Man - Waking Dreams, Nevada
2022 Jun., Steampunk Festival, Bend Oregon

2021 Nov., Central Oregon Maker's Faire, Redmond

2021 Sep., Happiness /Exibizone; “Wowza Bowza” (2021), selected
2021 Aug., Near and Far /Rhode Island Watercolor Society; “Solari” (2019), selected.
2021 Aug., COMAG Annual Group Show at The Oxford Hotel downtown Bend Oregon
2021 Jun., Spotlight Interview with J. Pemberton Artists' Gallery Sunriver, Oregon
2021 (present) KinSculpt collaboration of Fleur De LUX, interactive public sculpture
2021 May, Artist Spotlight "Video Interview with Jesse Pemberton" 
2021 May, Central Oregon Artist Relief Effort; "2021 Artist's Grant Recipient"
2021 May, Artists Gallery Sunriver; “Featured Artist, May 2021” Exhibition

2020 Sep.,Publication /The Bulletin GO Magazine September 2020; ”Featured Artist”  

2020 Sep., Artists Gallery Sunriver; “Featured Artist, September 2020” Exhibition

2020 Aug., Honorable Mention, Celebration of Art 2020 /Marin Society of Artists

2019, Oct. – Central Oregon Metal Arts Guild Group Exhibition, At Liberty 2019, Bend, OR

2019, April – Publication /The Bulletin GO Magazine April 9, 2019; ”Featured Artist”            

       by Makenzie Whittle

2019, Aug. – Publication /Cascade Arts & Entertainment Aug., 2019; “Featured Artist, August 2019

2019, Aug.  – Artists Gallery Sunriver, Sunriver OR; “Featured Artist, August 2019” Exhibition

2019, Aug. – Publication /Bend Magazine Aug 29, 2019; “Redmond’s Relativity Clock”
       by Noah Nelson

2019, June – Art Around the Clock, Redmond OR; “The Relativity Clock” (2019 collab.)

       2yr. Exhibition

2019, Feb. – Central Oregon WinterFest 2019, “Cowboy Jenga” (2019)

       Outdoor Fire & Light Exhibition

2018, Nov. – Artists Gallery Sunriver, Sunriver OR; Selected by Jury for Exhibition and Gallery

2018, Oct. –Central Oregon Metal Arts Guild Group Exhibition, At Liberty 2018, Bend, OR

2018, Feb. – Central Oregon Winter Fest 2018, “Mountains, Lakes and Lava!” (2018)

       Outdoor Exhibition

2016, Sept. – Burning Man 2016, Black Rock City NV; “The da Vincian Workshop, Man Base” (2016)           Temporary Installation with BRC

2014, Sept  – The Mercy Center Garden, Burlingame CA; “Prayer Bench” (2014) in collaboration w/        Rosemary Breen, Permanent Installation  

2014, April – CuriOdyssey, Coyote Point CA; “Wind Wall” (2014) in collaboration w/ E. Maschawitz,        Permanent Installation

2011, Sept. – King’s Mountain Community Garden, Woodside CA; “9/11 Memorial” (2011)                         Permanent Placement

2011, Sept. – Publication/Half Moon Bay Review Sept.7,2011 “10 yrs. Later…Etched in Memory

       by Stacy Trevenon

2001, Oct. – Glen Miller Benefit Auction, River Inn, Big Sur CA; “Pfeiffer Sketches” (2001)

       Sold at Auction

2000, Jan – Local Artists Exhibition, Henry Miller Library, Big Sur CA; “Bazooka” (1997) Group Show,        Permanent Placement, collection of the Henry Miller Library

1999-2003, Residency at Robert Fallon Studios, Pfeiffer Ridge,  Big Sur, CA 

1999, June – Felix Kulpa Gallery, Santa Cruz CA; “Retrofication” 4 Artist Show, Inaugural Event,


1999, May – JunXion Gallery, Santa Cruz CA; “Martin & Pemberton” 2 Artist Solos Show, Co-Curated

1999, March – Cabrillo Gallery, Santa Cruz CA; “The Formal Impulse” various works,

       UCSC Student Show, Co-Curated

1999, March – Publication/Inexpensive Works by Great Masters; (Spring 1999) Student Press w/        Crichton, Stephens

1998, Fall - UCSC Artist Residency, Big Creek Preserve Big Sur, CA courtesy of The University of        California Natural Reserve System

1996 - 1999 – Mixed Media Open Studios, University of CA Santa Cruz; including (4) site-specific on-campus installations: “Freeze” (1998), “Mirrored Pyramids” (1997), “Cycle Serpentine” (1998), “Post-Box” (1999); (3) multi-media gallery installations: ”What’s Yours is Mine” (1998), “Inside-Out” (1999), “Wind at Wilder Ranch” (1999)  

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