Public Projects

The art of collaboration

In 2020, I was invited to join KinSculpt, a newly formed art collective in Central Oregon. 

Our first project was Fleur de LUX (flower of light), a community supported sculpture featured 

annually at Maker Faire, Steampunk Music Festival, and as a 2022 Burning Man installation.

Selected for the 6th Annual International Flower Art - Talent Prize Award - by TERAVARNA GALLERY - 2023 

Relativity Clock 2019
Redmond, OR

(photo credit M. Edwards)
Public Sculpture exhibit Redmond, OR

(June 2019-2021)

 - Collaboration : Jesse Pemberton, Miguel Edwards, Rick Zar, James Myers, Ginger Livingston-Sanders
 Interactive, Mixed Media - 24" x  36" x  110"
 ~ Available ~


Central Oregon's 3 days of exhibition in February, featuring fire & light artists of the Metal Arts Guild.
"Mountains, Lakes & Lava!" 2018
"Cowboy Jenga" 2019
- Jesse Pemberton

Burning Man 2016

In collaboration with Black Rock City, LLC  “The da Vincian Workshop, Man Base” (2016) Temporary Installation

Wind Wall

CuriOdyssey Science Playground

Located at Coyote Point in San Mateo CA.  In collaboration w/ E. Maschawitz
60' x 10' x 3'
Permanent Installation

Prayer Bench

A celebration of love letters and  transformation  through creation as a means of catharsis. This is a space within a space for your contemplation.

Memorial for Dr. Timothy Breen, in collaboration with Rosemary Breen at the Mercy Center public Labyrinth Garden in Burlingame, CA.

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